Matching Third Party APIs
with WordPress Developers.

Creating WordPress specific API Libraries for some of the most popular APIs available.

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About the Project

APIs have become quite popular. Many API providers write clients for popular coding languages such as Javascript, PHP, Ruby, etc. We could use the PHP Libraries provided, but they are just not built with WordPress in mind. We decided we wanted to create standards-based API Libraries specific to WordPress.

WordPress Specific

All the API Libraries we create are built specifically for WordPress.


Built to Standards

WordPress has coding standards and our API Libraries will be built to those standards.

All of our repos will be using CodeClimate, which reports a GPA so you can decide if the library is ready for your project.

Plugin or Download?

You choose, you can run our APIs as a plugin, or just include the files within your project.

Built specifically for WordPress

A PHP Client Library for your favorite APIs

Request a New Library

This button will open a GitHub issue to request a new API Library.

Get Involved

We are looking for those who want to get involved with this project, if that is you, please contact us.

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